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My diet is a big, fat fail. We’ll see exactly how big tomorrow morning. I refused to track any of my recklessness this week. Adding to the dilemma is that I’ve been spending two days a week helping out at a fish & chips joint in Jersey. All fried everything.

I did, however, make provisions to begin anew tomorrow. Went grocery shopping and only bought relatively healthy things like egg beaters, onions & peppers, skim milk, a couple types of green tea, 5lbs of broccoli, some salad fixins including turkey bacon bits, a huge bag of tilapia fillets, and a ginormous bag of sunflower seeds. As I type, I’m chowing down on a cup of rice krispies w/cinnamon (McCormick won w/that whole “sprinkle on some antioxidants” ad campaign), sugar and skim milk. Probably what I’ll miss the most in the next two weeks.

*sigh* IthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcan

I was so gung ho about it all on Sunday. All New Everything.

Halfway through the week, umm… Yeah, I may have taken on a little too much, so let’s revise these resolutions:

  1. Take a self-portrait photo every day… *pout* How about once a week? I’ll do it when I do my weekly weigh-in on Mondays.
  2. Mother Nature decided I should re-think my couch to 5k plan and made it cold out. High temperatures in the 20s this week. Let’s re-visit this when the temps get in the high 40s to low 50s again. To be fair, I won’t even go out to the bar in this weather, so it’s not like I’m just being a flake.
  3. The OD Dieting… WeightWatchers, yes, I’m sticking to my points plan. The two weeks of no carbs for the South Beach plan… *flushes toilet*. Self: “calm your ass down, Lakara. Let’s just focus on one thing at a time.”
To be clear, I have not gone off the deep end with the sweets or anything. The majority of this week’s meals have been mostly healthy. Baked chicken, lots of veggies including cabbage and salads, etc, but… the questionable choices…
  • Monday: I had a bite of brown sugar ham on wheat bread. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not in line with the South Beach plan.
  • Tuesday: Same thing – brown sugar ham on a slice of wheat but I added honey mustard (Ken’s Steak House honey mustard, to be precise), plus I had a slice of cornbread with my collard greens for lunch and another with my salad for dinner. When I couldn’t sleep overnight, and got hungry around 4am, the box of Rice Krispies called my name, so I ate a bowl (with a single teaspoon of sugar) for the first time since 1994. And they were crazy delicious.
  • Wednesday: Brown sugar ham w/honey mustard on wheat, rice krispies w/sugar, and cornbread snuck their way into my mouth during the course of the day, and, I had to grab dinner on the go, which wound up being a Whopper (no cheese), and a side salad with a tiny squirt of the accompanying sugar-laced ranch dressing.
  • Today: Oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar for breakfast, and as I’m starving right now, I see rice krispies in my immediate future. Lunch will be baked chicken and string beans.
OK, that’s enough of that. Let’s check my progress on Monday.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! *blows blower thingy*


Zombie Kara. 1/1/2012, 1:57am. Awake for 20.5 hours by this point.

2011 was a good year. Made some dope friends, some awesome memories, good and bad, but let’s get on with it already.

Rang in 2012 at the church on the corner. It was comedic and I enjoyed it, but I wish I hadn’t been in zombie mode. My sleep has been crappy for the past couple days and it’s showing in my face. Four hours max per night, cuz my mind is racing.

However, I decided to photo journal 2012 since it is the end of the world and all, and I need some accountability. Plus, my memory… Yeah, we need evidence.

Before I get into that food stuff, I would like to say that I got a call back about my resume that excited me, but it stumped me cuz they asked for my salary requirement up front. WTF???

So. last night was my final starch hurrah. I had every intention of black-eyed peas and rice being my first food of 2012 (symbolizes luck and prosperity, not that I”m superstitious, much), but when I opened the microwave to reheat the beans, there was the chicken I fried earlier and I got sidetracked by deliciousness. Three bites in, I remembered. It was delicious. I am proud of myself every time something comes out right. It’s also diet approved. Basically just beans, smoked turkey, seasonings and water, ya know… They’re better w/rice (brown, of course), but I’ll live.

I also, last night, killed a bottle of wine, some rum and a can of beer. smh. Carb-loading for the long winter. I know it was technically already today, but I said it wouldn’t start until I woke up this morning for that very reason. Holiday season is over, I got all the it in that I possibly could, and now I’m going cold turkey.

I’ve been on point since I woke up. Breakfast was a one-egg omelet with smoked turkey, red onion, green pepper, tomato and a light sprinkling of 2% cheddar. Lunch was about a cup each of black-eyed peas (sans rice) and collard greens. I had a reduced sodium mozzarella cheese stick for a snack, and dinner will be jerk chicken (baked, of course), black-eyed peas and greens. Yeah, I made half a small crock pot each of the beans and greens, so they’re going in every meal til they’re gone.

Weigh-in day is tomorrow, so I can’t really say where I am right now. I didn’t do any physical activity today (cuz I’m hungover and horribly sleep deprived) so I have no epic wins to share except my food choices. I don’t know the points values, but I know that’s a good day, deprivationally speaking. (18 points total. I need to eat more)

Tomorrow’s supposed to be bitter cold, but my intention is to start Cool Running’s Couch-to-5K® Running Plan.

  • Resolution 1: Take a picture of myself every day for a year – Did it
  • Resolution 2: Couch to 5K Plan – not so much
  • Resolution 3: Low-fat and carb-free for two weeks then low-fat and low-, but healthy carb for 2012 – WINNING


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