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I came across a male person’s blog – which I refuse to cite – about chivalry being dead in the wee hours of the morning (totally should have been studying the first three chapters of my psychology textbook, but whatevs). To summarize the post, with a quote from the post:

You can have the freedom, the increased salary, and the open possibility for a female president … or you can have your car door opened, your drink bought for you, and stay in the house cooking and cleaning all day … not both.

What the shit?

That is easily the dumbest sentence ever written by a seemingly educated and seemingly straight male person. I refer to him as such because I feel it is disrespectful to call his grown ass a boy, but, clearly, he is not a man.

Because of the possibilities for women to “achieve,” we no longer deserve to be treated like women?

Oh, ok.

Hey, my friend, because I bought that $3 shot of Jack for you (and clearly emasculated you by flaunting my wealth), you may never open the car door for me again. I’m also worried for your man-card because that (god-awful) sandwich you made and shared with me (after I cleaned the kitchen for you) is probably a violation of gender roles.

Sir, because a woman ran for president (which obviously means I don’t need a man – even though Hils is very much married), you may never again pay for my drink. Also, because I work outside the home (and that unequivocally means I think men are useless and unnecessary), you must leave me to hop in cab or on a bus next time we hang out til 2am, and not offer me a ride home anymore.

That’s what I gathered from this… that the author thinks, in no uncertain terms, that we women should be forced to fend for ourselves in every situation; essentially, the entire gender should be punished for progressing.

That is mad petty, and wreaks of his questionable manhood feeling threatened.

I’d be wrong if I compared that to the plantation foreman beating a slave for learning to read, though, right?

Despite calling our freedom and equality well-deserved, the author of that piece explicitly faulted us for our independence. Well, let me tell you something… Being an independent woman doesn’t mean I don’t need a man. It simply means I don’t have to rely on him 100% of the time to provide my every single need. Hell, I can give my self an orgasm, too, if you wanna go there, but I digress.

I’ve been on my own since the day I graduated high school, but I took my last job for the specific reason that the hours would allow me to be an involved parent – soccer games and all the extra curricular activities my well-rounded child(ren) will choose to join, have dinner on the table when you get home, and still provide a substantial supplementary income. I fully intend to support my future husband by contributing to our household as much as I can. As long as is necessary to ensure our family’s comfort, and as long as it does not conflict with my duties as a wife and mother.

You won’t have to worry about your home being clean or your dinner being ready if you don’t want to. Whether that means doing it myself or not, is a different subject, but I do accept that this may be my responsibility in the home. So, dear future husband, once all of the essentials are taken care of, there is a very real chance that I will want to use part of my income to hire a maid to clean the house and do the laundry and use the free time to go to the gym/nail salon/hairdresser/etc (happy wife = happy life *shrug*). Still… won’t be your concern unless you want it to be, which means everybody’s happy.

Back to independent women… I didn’t make the decision to go out into the world and show men that I can do it all without them. Reality is, the days of living at home until a man claims me as his wife and moves me into the home he has provided for me are long gone. For one, it is possible for me to earn a living, so expecting my parents to provide for my able-bodied self is just disrespectful. For two, the costs have soared, and I don’t expect my future husband to have to foot that bill on his own. If I did, I’d have to set my sights on a rather well-to-do man, and, then you’d call me some kind of gold-digger, right?

Should I become thoroughly dependent to assuage his insecurity? If he’s that insecure, becoming dependent would only exacerbate the situation. Those circumstances unfailingly lead to a helpless woman stuck in an abusive relationship. That, however, is a different discussion.

I say all this to say, don’t assume to know me based on your stereotypes of our gender. Wanting to be treated as equals, does not mean the same as wanting to be treated as a man.

Don’t assume to know me based on your perception of my life. Doing what I have to do to make it on my own does not mean I want to be on my own.

Don’t punish me for being born a woman in this day and age.

Honestly, as much as that article annoyed me, my primary thought is that I really appreciate the men of character in my life. They already know that I recognize and value them for who they are, but this makes me want to let them know that I love them for what they’re not, as well.

Reading this opinion, and knowing that there are men out there who not only think like that author, but think it logical and enlightened enough to publish it – and under his own identity – makes me even more grateful to them and for them.

To all of the men who have picked up my tab without a second thought… To all of the men who do hold doors for women… To all of the men who have ever prepared food for me… To all of the men who do make sure the women I love and I are safe and cared for, I bow to you.

Fuck capitalism.

I am a huge proponent of paying extra to have someone else do the labor and all – I was outraged to find the shells still on my shrimp this afternoon (yeah, I know… first world problems) – but, fuck capitalism.

Every so often, I get inspired to finish go back to school. I’ve always low-key wanted to become a lawyer, but in the past few years, economics and as a tangent, sociology have piqued my interest. Of course, I’ll probably never do it because I am an underachiever, and, maybe, it’s my subconscious rebellion against “the machine,” or whatever. But, as I research more – I don’t have a conversation or watch a news program without my BlackBerry or netbook on Google.com – the recurring conclusion is fuck capitalism.

What’s midway between socialism and capitalism? Yeah, that’s where I am. Can I be a social capitalist? I love capitalism as far as being able to make money off of your work, and, of course, as far as being able to pay someone to do damn near anything. What I hate is socio-economic disparity. Paradox that I am, though, in my mind, aristocracy co-exists with this social-capitalism. Don’t even ask. Those thoughts will never see the permanence of being written.

Back to capitalism.

The rich get richer by exploiting the poor. Over work them, under pay them, and get rid of a few of them if you find yourself wanting a 100,000 dollar raise. But, it’s all supposedly part of the “American Dream,” so it’s allowed to flourish.

I’m nobody’s conspiracy theorist – you can miss me with all that Illuminati and what not – but facts are indisputable.

America’s wealthiest 1% control almost HALF of it’s wealth (more than 40%). The other 99% of people split the remainder and ALLOW IT.

I don’t know why people can’t grasp this concept, but here’s a visual. 100 people in a room – you, me, plus 98 strangers. Everyone is hungry. We have $100 to share for lunch. But, watch this… I take $40 to buy my lunch and the other 99 of you have to split the remaining $60.

The kicker is, I don’t give a fuck about you only having 60 cents and might not give you any tomorrow, and you all don’t question my authority because I told you that one day you may be able to get your $40.

Health and education… the great equalizers.

Guess what the average American has tens of thousands of extra dollars laying around to pay for?

Keep in mind almost 50% of Americans make LESS THAN $25k!!!!!!

Hint… it’s not health (US premiums for single coverage averaged almost $5k/yr in 2009) or education ($500+ for a 3-credit class at my local community college).

It’s a trick question. A grown up making 25k doesn’t have extra anything.

The average S&P 500 CEO, however, makes a base salary of over $1M/yr, and including bonuses and what not, they AVERAGE over $11M/yr. You know what they also get? TONS of freebies and discounts and favoritism and crap the 25ers have to pay out the ass for.

I scoff and roll my eyes at the same time. Fuck capitalism.

Health and education are the great equalizers, I know, but at this cost… I’ll pass. They should both be universal.

You, and everybody else in this country, should have the right to top of the line health care because we have the technology to provide it. There is NO logical reason that any person in the wealthiest country on earth should die because they couldn’t afford to have a tooth pulled and it got infected.

You, and everybody else in this country, should have the right to go as far as they want to go in school. There is no excuse for inspired genius to be wasted for lack of tuition funds and the red tape surrounding financial aid.

I have my health cuz I’m smart enough – sans degree – to do the research and figure out what’s good for me. Sure, I indulge (kind of a lot, but whatevs – don’t begrudge me a daily Twix Ice Cream Bar), but, I know… fruits, veggies, whole grains, low fat dairy, and lean protein… sometimes that’s kinda boring. Despite being over the recommended maximum weight of 169lbs for my 5’9″ frame, my other stats – sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and all that stuff – is in the target range.

What I do not have – as one of the 967 Trillion unemployed Americans – is health insurance! We already discussed how much that shit costs in capitalist ass America.

A degree? As if. I take classes on whims. When a topic interests me. The hell with a cost of at least $10k/year (more like $20k when you factor in capitalism) just to get a piece of paper that says I memorized slightly more than 2/3 of what they tried to teach me, and am now likely to average half my debt in salary per year (the median personal income for U.S. persons age 25+ working full-time and holding a bachelor’s degree is $50k). So, I need the degree to get the job, but I need the job to pay for the degree? Go away.

Principles aside, why in the hell would I do that when I broke the $50k line in 2005 with no degree? Granted, a significant portion of that was from the 401k distribution when I lost my j.o.b. that year (thanks, capitalism), but still. Hell, my most recent gig was part time and started me at $30k. Enough to put me over what the degree would help me earn, and still not enough to comfortably pay off the cost of the degree. Fuck a tuition unless the job’s paying it.

Forgive that ambiguously targeted paragraph. It is not for or against capitalism, it is to give examples and relate this to me personally, and show that I am not some poor soul who has suffered all my life at the hands of capitalism, meaning, I’m not bitter and biased.

But capitalism still sucks ass.

Why does the average American make 25k when the U.S. GDP is approximately $14.7 TRILLION, and there are only 308M of us? Assuming only half of this country’s residents are both between 18 and 65, and not born wealthy, that’s almost $95k for every worker this country. Fuck a corporation.

Major corporations whose profits are “down” – still record breaking, but not what they projected – lay people off by the hundreds in order to pay out MORE money to rich stockholders – people who do not work. They lay off unsuspecting, overworked, underpaid people who only made 25k anyway, so not only was there no chance to prepare for the loss, there was no nest egg, no savings. Even if each now-unemployed person doesn’t bear half of the financial responsibility for a 3 or 4 person household, that’s still a devastating blow to lose $25k of annual income when you only made $25k. The first thing to go is health insurance – COBRA my ass, and very low on the priority totem pole is higher education.

That causes me physical pain.

Major corporations demand billions of dollars in bailout loans from the government.

They already laid the poor people off, so they use the funds to pay the salaries and crazy bonuses of the executives who under-performed and are, essentially, the reason profits are down anyway. Bonuses for people who don’t pay their fair share of taxes into the government anyway, and will not starve if they don’t make get those extra millions.

Fire the eleven million dollar fucker who promised more than they could deliver – or at the very least, withhold $1M of his bonus – and voila, there’s enough money to keep 40 of those 25k workers. Enough money to keep 40 families from making irreversible sacrifices.

308 million people in America. 1% (roughly 3M people) control half the nation’s wealth. 305M people sit around and accept starvation, poverty, regulation, deregulation, etc.


What does your poor ass gain by sitting at home on election day, foregoing the right so many died for, the act that doesn’t cost you a penny, letting these rich, selfish fucktards take over the government and lower taxes on their rich friends, which, vicious fucking cycle, means cuts to the programs that benefit your broke ass.

Do you even get it? Do you think an $11M/yr CEO gives a shit about social security? He won’t need it when he retires. Your grandmom does, but she won’t get it because both of you don’t “get it.” She thinks our government is an old boys network and they pick who wins. Your mom will need it, because she’s quickly approaching retirement age, and on her $25k salary, she doesn’t have anything left over to save for the future. She won’t get it because she’s too tired to walk down the street and take 90 seconds to cast her vote. You, though, are going to vote… for the other guy because you have delusions of grandeur and think you’re protecting some future interest because you might one day be wealthy and won’t want to pay so much in taxes.

Mr. $11M doesn’t need funding for public colleges and universities because he can afford to send everyone in his family to the most expensive private schools. Your one child, however, won’t be able to get financial aid because it will have been cut in order to give Mr. Moneybags a big enough single year tax return to buy each of his three kids a second car. And, because the statistics are overwhelmingly against your $25k ass, you won’t even make $11M in your entire lifetime, most certainly not in a single year.

So, in your 3-br rowhome, housing four generations, with the high-ass rent that the two working folk split when they both have 25k jobs, grandma doesn’t vote because she doesn’t see the point, mom doesn’t vote because she has better things to do with her time, and you vote against your own damn needs and against your own future because you drank the kool-aid. On the other side of town, some uberrich guy in a suit that cost half your annual salary and his heir-to-the-fortune douchebag son with his boat shoes and a cardigan tied over his neck get up together and the chauffer drives from their paid off mansion to their state of the art local high school to go vote. That’s like five people voting for A against my single vigilant vote for B.

And it’s all for lack of education, of course. If the 99% understood what is going on, their votes would FAAAARRRRR outnumber the votes of the 1% ( I assume we all know that 99 is WAY more than one). There would be no close elections. It would be a landslide EVERY time and eventually, the disparity between candidates would lessen because there would be no reasonable aspiration to gain office by catering to the 1%.

If income taxes were leveled, there would be no freaking national debt. If I make $25,000, 15% of that goes to the government. If I make 2,500,000, 15% of that goes to the government. Period. Without exception. The dollar amount coincides with the national debt, as I believe it should.

But, no… CEO’s get their homies elected, and they’re all, “why do I have to pay 375,000 when my secretary only has to pay 3,750?” Cuz you fucking underpaid her? The hell do I care that you pay 100 times more than her? That just means, in an evened out tax scheme, that you MAKE 100x more than her. And she probably does the harder work. I’m not begrudging him his status… Good for him that he made more. Too bad that he doesn’t need more of the social services that EVERYBODY’s taxes pay for. That’s just the cost to be the boss in this country. Besides, flip it. She takes home 21k. You take home 2.1M!!! You can spare it and live comfortably.

I have to save the constitution portion for another day.


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