New Year’s Resolutions and Grocery Lists

Posted on: January 7, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions get the same treatment as diet plans, budgets, grocery lists and Christmas Wish Lists around these parts…

They’re inspired…

A whole lot of thought goes into them…

They’re somewhat reasonable…

I’m totally committed upon inception…

They crash and burn at the slightest disturbance.

Why? Because, “I DO WHAT I WANT” *Cartman voice* :

  • If I’m on a no/low-carb regimen, and my boss presents me with his wife(who adores me)’s homemade cookies and says, “you gotta taste one” – this really happened yesterday – it would be totally rude to refuse. I will politely decline the first offer, of course (if I’m feeling particularly attached to my commitment at that moment), but, when they insist, I’m gonna have at least one. If they’re good, my taste buds are happy, Stanley’s* happy, and the gift-bearer is pleased. Win-win-win. Plus, the chances of them being horrible aren’t so great when they’re personally presented, cuz no one wants to be the bearer of bad foods.
  • If I’ve devised a penny-pinching budget, and I’m presented with the simple (read not too difficult and not too expensive) opportunity to support a dear friend’s dream – also happened yesterday – I can’t NOT do it. That would be unfriendly and, therefore, against my religion. Plus, the really good ones respond so well, it’s like finding a second prize in your Cracker Jacks. I get entertained, the friend gets to feel loved and supported, and I get to feel appreciated in return. Again, win-win-win.
  • If I construct a complex grocery list of seafood, poultry, whole grains, low-fat dairy, “good fats,” herbs, spices, and produce, (in support of my intended diet and budget) but I see something bacon-topped, deep fried or sugar-coated that looks absolutely delicious and happens to be on sale for the low, low price of more than I intended to spend – happens every time I go to a store – I have to at least try it. My taste buds are entertained, Stanley* is gratified, and my curiosity sated. Win-win-win.

I understand the whole concept of “self-discipline,” but I’m a flake by nature (God made me a Gemini for a reason, and who am I to deny what He made), so my resolve is fleeting at best. I’m also undeniably impulsive… now in my defense, doing “what I want,” is 99% 90% of the time, neither entirely self-destructive nor inconsiderate, so, you know… I see zero very little reason to deny myself gratification in circumstances such as these.

That is not to say there aren’t reasons I should deny myself and stay the dull course, but the deciding factors in my thought process go back to more Gemini duality… acutely logical thinking and the resulting ability to clearly and unbiasedly (new word?) see both sides of things actively, yet peacefully, coexists with an inherent, incurable joie de vivre.

I hear that it’s kind of weird to have such a firm grasp of the two. The combination can be both a gift and a curse. The mental agility of saying xyz could be this, but it might be that, and having no inclination toward either outcome, is often confused with being cynical and skeptical (or even worse, emotionless), where the moxie and pure, child-like delight in what others deem meaningless or juvenile is mistaken for downright reckless abandon and immaturity. I scoff and roll my eyes at the same time.

In cases of self-temperance, I see the benefit of sticking to a budget or diet, but I also see the “cost.” Sure I will may have a small chunk of change at the end of the year, or may have lost a couple dozen pounds, if I stick to the plan, but what will I have missed out on? How boring will I become by sticking to these guidelines? “Sorry, I can’t have fun with you because anything besides sleeping will inevitably violate both my diet and my budget. :-/” Mundane = dead. To a Gemini, anyway.

All things in moderation, you know… Sometimes I’m devoted to my self-imposed restrictions, sometimes I’m… indulgent. That’s moderation, right? Well, by my definition, it is.

Life is for living. “I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.” – Jimi Hendrix

That being said, on this 7th day of the new year, my noble(?) resolutions of diet, budget, exercise, reading (another undeniably Gemini trait is the inability to finish a book), etc, have all been permanently dismissed in favor of a very short to-do list.

I will make a vision board before the end of the year. I am going to start clipping pictures and articles elementary-school style, then paste them to a humongous piece of poster-board old-school style, and call it a “vision board” new-school style, and place it somewhere highly visible so that I may reflect on it consciously and subconsciously until it all comes to pass, LOA style.

That is all.

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I’ve got the same plans (and posterboard on my kitchen table) for a vision board. I’ll share mine if you share yours, lol. Hoping you attract everything that is good and positive your way this year.

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  • Najeema: I've got the same plans (and posterboard on my kitchen table) for a vision board. I'll share mine if you share yours, lol. Hoping you attract everythi
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