Everything Happens for a Reason

Posted on: December 5, 2010

That keeps coming up over and over this past week. Makes sense considering the circumstances.

I try to live life with no regrets, but I find myself having some at this very moment. I basically wasted the past year. Living it up like I’m still 21, instead of being responsible. *ugh* I don’t even like the way that sounds. Responsible. Yuck. Age aside, I am single with no kids, so why can’t I just do what I wanna do?

Answer: because I didn’t take care of business first. I could easily be having the time of my life, but, I didn’t expect things to go down like this… That one year was all the time I needed, and I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity at all.

And now, I find myself right back in the same position I was sitting in at this time last year. Displaced, and living a “Bad Romance.”

OK, History, I get it. There will be no repeating in 2011.

Lesson learned.

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